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GT-37 WhiteVIN 23371Z135454 71 1/2 GT-37  
Project starts September of 2003. This car spent most of it's life in New Mexico where it was delivered, was also part of  Purley PMD in house projects. At some point of a restoration at Purley PMD the project was scrapped and nearly ALL of the small parts and GT-37 exclusive parts went there seperate ways. So I now have the task of piecing it back together. This car is white with blues stripes bare to the bone GT-37, it is the full length stripe which is rumored to only have a 100 or so produced.

GT-37 Full shotVIN 23371Z130724 71 1/2 GT-37 Parts car. gt-37

Much to my luck this car was wrecked  in the right front some time in the late 70's, and has been in a junkyard in Muskogee ever since. Unfortunately rust and rats have taken it's toll on the car, but I did manage a few good parts. This car had a few options: A/C, PS, PB, vinyl top (which most people now know is death to the top sheet metal), and maybe a few other things. It is a red car with gold stripes, oh and a M13 (also as the white one). Unfortunately the drivetrain is long gone, along with my much sought after Hurst shifter. Update. I could probably get this car for some one if they are interested, the yard owner said most cars are for sale.
Some one else had found this car and mistaken it for a GT.

gt-37 in New MexicoThis is supposedly my car sometime before I got it, some where in New Mexico. I am unsure if it is accurate. Update 1/21/05 428sj from CP has informed me that this car was in CO for sale just a little while back on CP, it's an auto 350. So it would not be my car. Thank goodness, I would hate to know my car was going around with a missing headlamp.

gt-37 in WIThis one is supposedly in WI according to Cars In Barns web sight, I'm contacting them to see if the VIN can be acquired. Update. No VIN available.

Bronze GT-37 from EbayVIN 233371P135594 This one just sold on Ebay in July, that's the VIN the best I can read it from this blurry window sticker that was posted.

GT-37VIN 233371A163960 This one turned up on Ebay, in CA. Fender

VIN 233371P141902 Steve and Pam Courter's car. A great save and nice story!!!
PHS Frame off
And painted Looking forward to seeing some stripes, nice job Steve and Pam.
Details...Pulled from a Michigan salvage yard in Feb. 2002 Frame off, ground up, restification started in Dec. 2002 completed in spring 2005 Built to Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag rules 400 cid motor(built by Landon Engineering) with correct heads,intake,carb,distributor, 2.5 inch mandrel bent exhaust Mated to an m-21 Muncie via a centerforce dual friction clutch to a 4:10 12 bolt posi rear. All work(except engine) including body work and paint was done by myself. Additions from stock are; stainless drip moldings, carpet, power disc brakes, stainless brake lines, hidden wipers,and rally gauges. Steve and Pam

My parts on search for are the single groove pulley, if anyone can help: 481035 and 481036.

John V from Classical Pontiac has provided this Pontiac Bulletin 71-86 concerning the mid year stripe change:

Some GM number crunching

Print of the hood pin installation

Stripes installation

GM Production of GT-37, numbers provided by Jim Mattison:

70 - 1419

71 - 5802 the 71 1/2 are mixed in this.

71 1/2 - Possibly 50 or 100.

John Sawruk former GM engineer who is the adopted GT-37 Zar has been quoted in articles that there may only have been around 50. I have heard verbally from several other well known collectors the number may be around 100. Who is to know for sure?.

07/09/04 I had the pleasure of hearing John at the POCI; very nice man and a dedicated enthusiast. He reverberated that the amount of 71 ½?s are unknown and suggested maybe a few hundred.

Now we move to Bill Weeden from Classical Pontiac Forum, Bill has an early 71 and has furnished this site with some of his documentation and a 70 he has found for sale in his area.

VIN 233371P113604

Bill: I picked up my 1971 GT-37 back in 1999. It's originally from Indiana and was originally Rosewood Metallic (code 78) with white/red stripes. Built in December 1970, it has the early style stripes with die-cast GT-37 emblems on the fenders. Somewhere along the line it got painted bright yellow with black-painted stripes. The car is a 350-2bbl w/ M38 trans. Tinted glass, 8-track player, power steering, carpet, vinyl trim, plus a few other options. It still retains all of the original drivetrain and is driven regularly. After I finish my Judge, I plan to do a full restoration on it and return it to it's original colors.

VIN 233370Z142029

Craig from Classical Pontiac will now share his car with us, first his build Sheet.
VIN 233371Z102854

VIN 233371P156116 pggto's from Performance Years forum